JDeveloper 11g Production

Ted Farrell announced this morning that there is a release date for the production version of Oracle 11g: October 1st. The realease won’t have *all* the functionality present in the previews–in particular, WebCenter and full SOA support won’t be present; there’ll be another release at some later date that includes this functionality.

Alas, the most exciting thing I’ve seen so far (even more exciting than this) is something I’m not allowed to talk about in detail. However, I don’t think anyone will get too mad at me if I say this: When SOA Suite 11g is released (I don’t know when exactly, and can’t say when even generally), if it looks anything like the current plans, it’s going to be phenomenal. It’s going to seriously mitigate the disadvantages of SOA, and make it a much more attractive option to a much wider range of development teams. I’m not saying that it will mean everyone should rush to SOA–if you’re part of a, say, two-person development team working exclusively on Java EE apps, I’m still unconvinced it will be worth it for you–but mid-size (as opposed to just huge) development teams, even those that don’t have any of the indications for SOA that I list, will be able to (indeed, well-advised to) seriously consider SOA as an architectural option.

More news as I get it.

October 5th, 2008: So, obviously, the October 1st date did not materialize, and we currently have no date for the initial (AKA “Boxer”) release of JDeveloper 11g except for “really soon.” Ah well.

October 7th, 2008: Woohoo!