We have tried our best to avoid inaccuracies in the book. However, as with any project of this scope, some have crept in. Here are some errors we found post-publication.

Part I

No known errata.

Part II

Chapter 10

p. 308: The following line of code is incorrect:

if (value.toString().length() < getMaxLength())

It should read:

if (value.toString().length() <= getMaxLength())

Chapter 12

p. 430: Step 12’s additional information describes an attribute as
action "/". The actual attribute is action="/".

Chapter 14

p. 494: Step 10 says, “This cursor should be…” It should read “The cursor should be…”

Part III

Chapter 15

p. 534: In step 7, delete one of the end curly brackets “}” at the end of the code block.
The constructor only requires one end curly bracket.

Chapter 16

p.584: In the Tip at the bottom of the page, the last sentence
should be a step 5a. after the Tip:

“5a. Change the text property of the text pane and text field to
blank (no text) so that nothing appears inside the fields when
running the application.”

Chapter 17

p. 616: The fourth line of the Additional information should read,
“Such labels are referenced via the <bean:message key=”xxx”/> tag.”

p. 621: In step 11, the first sentence in the Additional Information
paragraph should read: “The Departments application shown in
Figure 17-3 will now show the selected department in yellow on
your screen.”