Framework for Database API-Based ADF BC

The Framework for Database API-Based ADF BC is an open-source library of custom ADF Business Components framework classes that you can use to declaratively create entity objects and view objects that, rather than using DML and SQL to interact with the database, use database APIs (currently, only Oracle PL/SQL APIs are supported) for DML, data retrieval, and locking. The framework supports view links, associations, bind variables (though not, currently, view criteria) and optimistic and pessimistic locking modes.

This framework is loosely based on the Framework for Package API-Based ADF BC, which I’m keeping on this site for archive purposes, at least in that they attempt to do the same thing. However, this framework is a complete rewrite, which fixes bugs with the older framework, provides much improved performance (supporting native ADF features such as JDBC statement caching and fetch size), and contains extension points for features such as support for non-PL/SQL procedural APIs.

The new framework isn’t being hosted on this site, because it’s a project on Oracle SampleCode. Stop by to download binaries, documentation, source code, and a sample application–or better yet, to participate in the project!

The OLD framework is available at:

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