All-New Framework for Database API-Based Business Components on SampleCode

It’s done! After much tinkering, I’ve completed my new Framework for Database API-Based Business Components. This is, in some loose sense, based on the Framework for Package API-based business components I published on this site previously, but it’s essentially a complete rewrite, from the ground up. It’s also massively improved, in several ways:

  • Locking (both pessimistic and optimistic) actually work.
  • With few exceptions, the new framework limits itself to writing JDBC calls and translating columns to attributes, meaning that it takes full advantage of standard ADF mechanisms for caching, tuning, etc. For example, the framework now respects view object tuning settings such as fetch size.
  • In part because of this, applications written using the new framework should perform considerably better than those using the old one.
  • The framework should be much easier to extend. For example, by providing an implementation of one interface and a concrete subclass of one abstract class, you should be able to extend the framework to support databases other than the Oracle DB, using procedural languages other than PL/SQL.
  • The framework is now part of a formal project, with bug/enhancement tracking and ways for the community to participate.

If you’re interested in using the framework, examining its source code, and/or contributing to its ongoing development, check it out at the project’s home page.

Edit: When I first posted this, I said the new framework didn’t have any documentation other than the Javadoc up. That’s no longer true–it has a user guide up now, too.

6 thoughts on “All-New Framework for Database API-Based Business Components on SampleCode”

  1. That’s funny, the link seems to work fine for me. What happens when you click it? You do need to sign on using your Oracle SSO info (like what you use to download JDeveloper).

  2. Huh. This is really strange. Can either of you (or anyone who has trouble clicking my link) get into the main SampleCode site, ? If you can do that, try clicking the “Projects” tab, then clicking the “ADF” link. This project is one of the two (currently) listed.

    I wonder if the issue has to do with forwarding to a project from the “terms and conditions” page…I accepted those a long time ago, so that might explain why I myself never have this trouble. I do know that at least a couple of other people haven’t had it, as they’ve successfully signed up for project roles.

    Once we figure out exactly what the problem is, I’ll contact SampleCode about it.

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