ADF Methodology at ODTUG

Just wanted to let everyone know that the Sundown Session with Oracle Ace Directors on Middleware and SOA at ODTUG Kaleidoscope is going to include many of the founding members of the ADF Enterprise Methodology Group (formerly known as the ADF Methodology Group), and that I believe one of the big planned topics of discussion is, in fact, ADF enterprise methodology. Methodology and design are obviously special interests of mine, but I think even if I were unbiased I would wholeheartedly recommend being a part of, or at least listening in on, this conversation.

In other news, next week won’t  quite follow a standard schedule. Instead of a big post on Monday, I’ll be blogging about highlights from the conference most days of the week.

In other other news, ODTUG has finally convinced me to create a Twitter account! This is kind of experimental, so I’m not making promises for the long term. But for now (and at least through next week), you can see my most recent posts at the bottom of the sidebar, and you can follow me on Twitter. You can also listen in to any Twitter twitter related to my Extreme Reusability session (#odtug S95), my Package-Based ADF session (#odtug S96), and the Guide to Fusion Development session co-presented by Duncan Mills (#odtug S310), me (#odtug S632), and Peter Koletzke (#odtug S633).

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