Status, and ODTUG

Hi all,

This blog has been on much longer hiatus than I was hoping, and alas the hiatus will likely be continuing for a while. I’ve been massively oversubscribed at work, and now I’m fighting an illness, and something has had to give, and I’m afraid it’s been my blogging. Rest assured, though, this blog is not abandoned–I’ll be back to the usual weekly schedule just as soon as I can.

In other news, ODTUG has just extended the discounted “early-bird registration” deadline for ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009 to April 7th. It should be a great conference this year: Lots of interesting Java and ADF sessions, “Sundown Sessions” with Oracle ACEs, another installment of the ADF Methodology workshop, and, for when you’re off the clock, proximity to one of the two best public aquaria in the U.S. (the only thing that gives the Monterey Bay Aquarium a run for its money is the Boston Aquarium).

Full disclosure: I’m giving two talks myself at Kaleidoscope–one on Extreme Reusability, and one on business components and database package APIs. Both are in some part based on things I’ve posted in this blog, but both will have a few additional tricks and techniques to them.

If any of this interests you, head on over to the ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009 Registration Page.

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