Should’ve Used OpenOffice

We had some great discussions at the Oracle ADF Methodology Unconference yesterday. We talked about adoption decisions (particularly about the whole ADF vs. APEX thing), testing methodologies, integrating ADF applications with reporting tools, and coding standards (interesting tip from Oracle’s Duncan Mills and Lynn Munsinger about this one: don’t get over-exuberant with your package structuring up front. Apps did at one point, and while it worked fine on Linux, porting it over to Windows caused it to break: the names of some of the files (which include whole package trees in them) exceeded Windows’ acceptable length limit. I believe the upshots of all the discussions are in (or will soon be in) the process of wikification.

What we *didn’t* have a good discussion about, alas, was reusability, the topic I’d been assigned to present and lead the discussion on. I was last, we ran a bit overtime, and, of course, my install of PowerPoint picked that moment to explode in an exciting fashion. By the time I got enough control over my laptop to transfer the file onto a memory stick and show it from another computer, half the already compacted time was gone. So what people got, instead of a good discussion, was half of my presentation, speeded up so as to be nigh-incomprehensible.

However, the symposiums loss (at least, I hope it counts as a loss) is your gain (again, hopefully). I’m going to convert my presentation to a blog post, and even expand it a little bit. It’ll be up this coming Monday. I’ll aslo attempt to put some version of it (beyond the very rough sketch that is up now) on the Wiki, but that may take a little longer.

Reminder: Just because you missed the symposium, doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance to contribute to or learn from the ADF methodology discussions. Just head on down to the wiki page or the Google group.

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