My Next (Post-Book) Project

After my current book project is put to bed (right around the end of 2008, hopefully), I’m hoping to work on something I’m very excited about: A multipurpose “make-it-easy” framework extension for ADF 11g.This will be an XML-driven framework that will automatically do many of the tasks I’ve discussed in this blog, such as:

The framework will provide more generic solutions than I’ve discussed in the posts (for example, allowing declarative customization of the required form for DB trigger errors related to particular columns), and will include a number of capabilities that I haven’t posted about yet or am not going to post about.

I don’t yet know about the framework’s availability–that will depend a bit on what my bosses decide. If they’re interested in having me develop it on company time, we’ll probably include it as part of our J2EE consulting packages. If they’re not, I may develop it on my own time anyway, in which case I’ll very probably make it available here.

In any case, once I start developing it, I’ll post any interesting lessons I learn along the way.

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